Twinning Agreements

In order to encourage intercultural, social, political and economic exchanges, the Municipality of Cologno al Serio is currently twinned with two European cities:


Stato: Lituania
Superficie del Dipartimento: 1395 Kmq 
Superficie della città: 20.45 Kmq
Ubicazione: Ukmerge si trova a circa 70 km dalle quattro maggiori città della Lituania - Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevetys e Utena

Country: Lithuania
District's area: 1395 km2
City's area: 20.45 km2
Location: Ukmerge is located about 70 km from the four largest cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevetys and Utena


Why a twinning?

On September 17th, 2005 a twinning agreement was signed between the district of Ukmerge (Lithuania) and the Municipality of Cologno al Serio (Italy).
This agreement has several purposes:

  • to contribute to the construction of an European unity on a federal basis and through knowledge, promotion and exchange of their cultural heritage, in order to provide their populations with a source of enrichment of their culture and traditions;
  • to enhance unity in diversity, by encouraging the acquisition of awareness of common European values that contribute to the spread of solidarity on all continents;
  • to promote initiatives for the development of European culture;
  • to consolidate the agreements between the two parties as equal partners in culture, sport, social life and economy;
  • to develop the common elements in education, youth employment and tourism.

Tarnowo Podgòrne


Country: Poland
City's area: 101.7 km2
Location: Tarnowo Podgòrne is located in the Wielkopolska province (Greater Poland), about 280 km from Berlin and over 300 km from Warsaw.


About Tarnowo: More than 4.000 firms provide over 30 thousand jobs, which is why Tarnowo Podgórne has the lowest unemployment rate in the region and is an example for other communities. The amenity of this community is a consequence of its proximity to Poznan International Fair and Poznan – Lawica Airport, which is only 20 minutes far. In Tarnowo Podgórne you can see the functioning of a community where industry and numerous small enterprises exist side by side, where people care about the development of education and culture and where industrial areas exist next to protected landscape areas.

Why a twinning?

On September 11th, 2010 a twinning agreement was signed between the Municipalities of Tarnowo Podgòrne (Poland) and Cologno al Serio (Italy).
This agreement has several purposes:

  • the twinned communities shall help each other and give mutual assistance. They act as an intermediary with citizens to encourage them to get in touch, cooperate and create conditions for joint ventures. They agree to exchange their experiences, provide information, carry out joint programs in the fields of agriculture, industry and business;
  • to know and review progress, experience and teaching methods. To encourage schools to get in touch with one another and to promote exchanges of students and teachers;
  • to exchange social experiences;
  • the two communities commit themselves to organize exchanges of youth organizations and programs relating to the problems and needs of young people;
  • to promote cultural and artistic events, the exchange of art and photography exhibitions, of art groups and artists (painters, dancers, actors, singers, photographers);
  • to give sports clubs and schools the possibility of taking part in international competitions;
  • to exchange experiences in order to solve environmental problems;
  • to develop tourism infrastructure, exchange information on tourism and plan common events;
  • to encourage the exchange and comparison of administrative experiences to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and inexpensiveness of local policies.

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