Town council

lts functions

It is directly elected by citizens and is composed of the Mayor and 12 councillors.

It carries out planning, political and administrative policy functions, by adopting some basic acts, such as the Charter, regulations, budgets, town plans, public works plans, by administrating public services, by establishing and regulating taxes.

Each councillor has the right of initiative on any matter submitted to the Council. Councillors can also submit questions, interpellations, agendas and motions relating to matters falling within the competence of the Council.

The Council meets in the council chamber. Sessions  are held in public and all citizens can attend them.


  • DRAGO Chiara - Mayor
  • GUERINI Giovanna - Councillor
  • ZAMPOLERI Roberto Francesco - Councillor
  • DADDA Imerio - Councillor
  • FENILI Paola - Councillor
  • GASTOLDI Andrea - Councillor
  • GHIDONI Claudio - Councillor
  • SANGALETTI Mattia - Councillor
  • GRITTI Martina - Councillor
  • PEZZOLI Daniele - Councillor
  • MUSCOLINO Giuseppina - Councillor
  • ARNOLDI Carla Valeria - Councillor  
  • LEGRAMANTI Roberto Antonio - Councillor
  • PICENNI Marco - Councillor
  • FACHERIS Lorenzo - Councillor
  • SESANI Claudio Francesco - Councillor
  • SERUGHETTI Aurelio - Councillor

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