Planning department


Reference Department:
Land Management

Department Manager: 
Surveyor Pinotti Simone

Accounting instructor:
Degiorgi Nadia

Technical instructor:
Mosconi Federica

Executive instructor:
Salustri Michela

Its functions

  • Management of the general planning tool (town planning) and its variances
  • Analysis and appraisal of planning tools
  • Coordination of activities for the approval of Zoning Plans, Regeneration Plans, Productive settlement Plans, Town Plans, Integrated Plans of Intervention, Integrated Regeneration Plans, Detailed Plans
  • Analysis of the territory for the assessment of the effects produced by the transformation of grounds in the light of the above planning tools
  • Drawing up of variances to the Master Plan
  • Coordination of activities for the drawing up of the new Territorial Administration Plan
  • Coordination of activities for the drawing up of the Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Management and revision of the Plan of Services


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Address:    Via Rocca, 2/A, Cologno al Serio - First floor

To talk to Pinotti Simone, you must make an appointment by calling the telephone number provided above (extension 3).

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