The Municipality is divided into: Areas, Departments and Offices.

The area is the first-level unit, whose task is to oversee a well-defined area of need, by combining the available resources. Areas shall guarantee the execution of the functions of the Municipality.

It is the main organizational reference for:

a) the planning of interventions, the definition and assignment of work programs;
b) the allotment of resources and management goals;
c) the checking, control and evaluation of the activities’ outcomes;
d) the study and implementation of tools and techniques for monitoring and improving the services and their supply;
e) the coordination and resolution of disagreements between internal departments;
f) interactions with the Head Office and the government bodies.

Departments and offices are internal subdivisions of the areas, which can be flexibly defined according to the needs of intervention and the available resources. Each office isn’t necessarily subordinate to a department, since it can be directly subordinate to the area, depending on the needs of programs and the targets.

The Municipality of Cologno al Serio is divided into five areas:

  • administrative
  • financial
  • land management
  • municipal police
  • welfare services

The Municipal Board is in charge of the organizational structure of the Municipality and its relevant alterations, while changes to the internal structure of areas and departments fall within the competence of the persons in charge of them.

See the criteria for the appointment of highly professional tasks

See the measures adopted by the Municipal Board concerning the staffing and the three-year planning of staffing needs