Office of Social Services


Reference Department:
Welfare Services

Department Manager:
Lidia Ghilardi

Accounting instructors:
Maria Teodora Pronat
Luca Aresi

Social Welfare Assistant:
Imeri Dina

Its functions

  • Support actions for people in need or socially and / or financially underprivileged, through the provision of a social secretariat service, financial grants aimed at reducing the risk of poverty and marginalization, subsidy for fees of admission to social care institutions and nursing homes of indigent persons, realization of educational projects in collaboration with local educational agencies, in particular with the Office of Planning and the local associations, and more generally with the third sector;
  • Application of the Indicator of the equivalent economic situation (ISEE) in order to ensure the opportunity to access social benefits to the parties entitled, according to the ISEE brackets approved by the municipality;
  • Preparation of the Register of recipients of economic benefits and management of the municipal Register of associations;
  • Management of home care service;
  • Management of municipal children’s play areas;
  • Support to the work of local voluntary groups and associations, through the allocation of special funds, the drawing up of agreements or memoranda of understanding, projects aimed at promoting voluntary work and developing horizontal subsidiarity resources, especially among young generations;
  • Support actions to families, through the management of the paperwork relating to social grants and baby bonuses aimed at supporting mothers and large families;
  • Allocation of social bonuses to special groups (the elderly, the disabled, families with minors), on the basis of notices announced by the Office of Planning, and experimentation of social bonuses with municipal resources;
  • Management of the paperwork relating to the allocation of regional grants for payments of rents and management of residential public housing units owned by the Municipality, according to regional regulation Erp (R.R. 1/2004);
  • Support to the local elderly association for the organization of a winter seaside stay for senior citizens, of the elderly week and of other activities aimed at promoting the elderly as territorial resources.


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Address:       Via Rocca, 2/A, Cologno al Serio - First floor

Opening hours

Monday: 9.00 - 12.30

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