Office of Education


Reference Department:
Welfare Services

Department Manager:
Lidia Ghilardi

Accounting instructors:
Maria Teodora Pronat
Luca Aresi

Its functions

Implementation of all interventions provided for by the Plan for the right to education and in particular:

  • Funds transfer to schools to support the implementation of education;
  • Management of school services: canteen, transport, pre-school and after-school activities;
  • Organization of afternoon educational activities for primary and secondary school students;
  • Educational support to disabled students of nursery, primary and secondary schools - also during summertime, through specific activities at the local recreation centre;
  • Free supply of textbooks to primary school students;
  • Management of procedures relating to the regional DOTE SCUOLA;
  • Promotion of educational activities for adults, through the implementation of courses answering their needs and in agreement with Centro Eda in Treviglio;
  • Awarding of merit-based scholarships to students to further their education.


Tel: +39 035.4183501
Fax: +39 035.890445
Address:      Via Rocca, 2/A, Cologno al Serio - First floor

Opening hours

Monday: 9.00 - 12.30

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