Municipal committees


Municipal committees are set up at the beginning of each administrative mandate and are composed of both councillors and outsiders, depending on the type of Committee.

They are set up by law or municipal regulation.

Committees set up by law are regulated in their composition and running by the law itself.

Committees set up by municipal regulation, whose term, composition and running are regulated by a specific regulation, may be:

  • Permanent or temporary consultative: for the preliminary examination of the questions to be submitted to the Town Council;
  • Control or guarantee and inquiry committee: for the control and investigation on specific activities carried out by the Mayor, the Municipal Board and the administrative bodies, on matters of public interest and reported to the Town Council. Oppositions are in charge of their chairmanship.


book       Library committee
mensa   Canteen committee

Sport - Leisure - Tourism committee


Committee for the drawing up of the annual plan for the right to education


Landscape committee


Twinning Committee