Messengers and record office


Reference Department:
Administrative Department

Department Manager:
Dr. Omar Riccardo Frignani

Duilio Molteni

Its functions

The record office shall receive, record and sort to the appropriate offices all the documents sent to the Municipality by mail, email, fax or by hand. It also records and sends by mail or by hand all outbound documents.
It also deals with the management of the current and storage archives.
Anyone wishing to deliver by hand petitions, mail, tender offers, applications for competitions, requests and other documents addressed to the municipal offices, the Mayor, the Councillors, should go to the Record Office on the first floor of the Town Hall during the opening hours. Upon request a receipt stamp is affixed on the copy submitted by the citizen.

The town council messenger is responsible for the notification and publication on the municipal notice board of the documents concerning his Municipality or other institutions that request it.

Registration of cadastral splitting

This practice is necessary for land subdivision. The new cadastral file can’t be approved by the tax technical office if it isn’t accompanied by a copy of the type of splitting, notified and if it has not the stamp of the splitting registration with the Municipality.
Three copies of the type of splitting must be submitted to the Messenger and two of them will be returned complete with date, stamp and signature of the Messenger.

Registered documents

All the documents subject to notification that the bailiffs aren’t able to notify to the recipients are registered at the office of the Messenger.
The document can be collected by the person concerned or the delegated person, by submitting the appropriate notice that the bailiff delivers or sends him. 

Request for posting on notice boards

The new “Regulation for the use of municipal information areas”, which regulates the use of municipal boards, has come into effect. Therefore, the documentation concerning the initiative to be promoted must be in a format not exceeding A3 size, accompanied by an application form and submitted to the Record Office by the end of each week prior to the posting.
The Messengers will post the document to be advertised for up to one week.
Single individuals can’t post on notice boards.
Posting of advertising and/or commercial material is forbidden.

Request for publication on electronic displays

The new “Regulation for the use of municipal information areas” has come into effect. It regulates the use of municipal boards (information and “advisory councils”) and of electronic displays, which are placed in the outdoor public areas of the municipality.



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