Cologno al Serio is a town located in the central plain of Bergamo, which is about 10 kilometers far away.

The first human settlements in the town date back about four thousand years ago, during the Bronze Age, as proved by the discovery of skeletons and tools that make Cologno one of the oldest archaeological sites of all the province of Bergamo.

In subsequent eras, some tribes of Ligures and the Cenomani Gauls settled here. Later, the Romans came and began the urban planning of the village, which began to take on increasing importance.

The name Cologno is linked to this historical epoch and might derive from Colonius, owner and inhabitant of this land. According to other hypotheses, it might derive from the word “colono” (tenant), given the intense agricultural activities in the village.

Feudalism marked a new era for the village of Cologno al Serio, a period characterized by profound political and social instability, caused by bloody fights between the Guelfs and the Ghibellines. In the course of these disputes, the number of Guelfs in the village increased and they began to offer hospitality to other Guelfs fleeing from other towns. They became so numerous that Cologno was considered one of the greatest centers of the Guelf faction.

When the House of Visconti began its domination, the fights not only continued to upset the life of the village, but also increased because of the construction of another castle in Liteggio. The arrival of the Venetian Republic put a definitive end to the factional struggles and, starting from 1428, the population experienced a period of peace, thanks to a far-sighted social and economic policy. The Venetian domination ended in 1797 with the advent of the Cisalpine Republic, succeeded in 1815 by the Austrians that established the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. The last change occurred in 1859, when Cologno al Serio became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

The history of Cologno al Serio by Mons. Giacomo Drago

"Sulla lucida e grande strada Bergamo-Crema al km. 14 si vede una grossa e signorile borgata: è Cologno al Serio. Essa è ubicata in un’immensa, pingue e regolare pianura alle estreme radici dei clivi pedemontani e si estende verso mezzodì della provincia bergamasca conterminata all'est dal fiume Serio e all'ovest dall'Adda..."

[On the road Bergamo-Crema, at km no.14, you can see a great and genteel hamlet: it is Cologno al Serio. It is located in a huge and smooth plain on the slopes of the mountains and stretches to the south of Bergamo, bounded on the east by the river Serio and on the west by the river Adda…]