In recent years, the law-maker has taken steps to strictly regulate the assignments by the Local Government. The Finance Act 2008 and Law Decree No. 112/2008, converted into Law 133/08, established that local authorities can entrust assignments of study, research or counselling to persons outside a local government only within a plan approved by the town council and according to the criteria, procedures and spending limits set by the regulation on the organization of offices and services.
In this regard, the measures relating to these assignments will be published on this website and will show the receiving subjects, the assignment reason and the amount paid.

The tasks that can be assigned to outside parties are individual tasks, with contracts of services, for jobbing or regular work, to experts having a specific know how.
The Municipality is also required to supervise the update and the biannual publication of the “Anagrafe delle prestazioni” (Register of assignments).

Below you can find the plan of assignments, the regulations and the assignments.

Selections for counselling


Regulations relating to the assignments of the Municipality of Cologno al Serio are included in the regulation on the organization of offices and services.
The plan of assignments in 2008 was approved by the town council with resolution No. 4 of 26.02.2008.

Professional assignments / List of practitioners